Shoe Shine


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It’s September. Back to work and back to school. Time to spruce up your favorite shoes. It is amazing what a good cleaning and a little shoe polish will do to bring new life back into your leather shoes.

Shoe Shine Kit Contents

The Shoe Shine Kit Contents are the same quality items that are in our shoe shine kit in the wooden boxes. It is a great way to get started.

Coach Handbag

Dropped  into the Goodwill Store yesterday and found this Coach handbag for sale.  I was pleasantly  surprised because they don’t last long on the shelves.  It was in fine condition also.
All it needed was a little touch up with the Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye, just on the bottom edges and around the zipper and some Angelus Leather Balm to condition the
the leather. It is easy and fun to do and looks great.  These bags are made to last.

The Best Shoe Polish?


One of the most frequently asked questions of The Shoe Shine Kit is “Which is the best shoe polish for my shoes? “

All the shoe polish that we sell at The Shoe Shine Kit is good for your shoes.   They all make your shoes look better and last longer.  The best brand shoe polish for you is the one that will give you the results you are looking for and align with your needs.

The difference in the shoe polish is mainly but not entirely in the texture.  The Lincoln Stain Wax Polish and the Kiwi Brand Paste Polish are similar in consistency.  They both have different waxes in them and a color pigment.  The most notable wax, Carnauba Wax, is also known as palm wax.  It comes from the copernecia  prunifera  palm grown in Brazil.   It is as hard as concrete and nearly insoluble in water and ethanol. …

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Set of 4 Shoe Shine Brushes


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This “Set of Four Brushes” will fit very nicely in your shoe shine kit.
Using high quality 100% horsehair brushes is essential to polishing and maintaining your leather footwear and these will serve you well.
The natural bristles distribute the shoe polish evenly over the shoe getting into the crevices of the leather whether using Kiwi or Lincoln wax polish or Tarrago or Kelly’s cream polish to give you a great shoe shine and protect your shoes from the elements.
Please visit our most viewed page “How to Shine Shoes, 7 Steps” for instructions and tips for your next shoe shine.

Cordo-Hyde Shoelaces for Men’s Dress Shoes



Cordo-Hyde Shoelaces for Men’s Dress Shoes
If you are looking for a replacement shoelace for your dress shoes we have the thin waxed cotton lace in Black and Brown in three sizes, 27”, 30”, 36”.
The length of the lace is determined by the number of eyelets going up one size of the shoe. 2 to 3 eyelets would be 27″, 4 to 5 eyes would be 30″ and 6 or 7 would be 36″.
These laces are also good for English riding boots.

Kiwi Shoe Polish


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Kiwi shoe polish is available nationwide but you might not  always find all the colors. 

 Kiwi  polish contains quality waxes which protect and feed the leather and give you a glossy shine on your shoes.    Available in 9 colors in 1 1/8 oz. size.  Black and Brown also in 2.5 oz.  size.   We carry  them all at The Shoe Shine Kit.  

  • Black  (1  1/8 oz. or 2.5 oz. )
  • Brown  (1  1/8 oz or 2.5 oz. )
  • Neutral  1 1/8 oz.  
  • Cordovan
  • Tan
  • White
  • Mahogany
  • Mid Tan
  • Oxblood

Cleaning Suede Shoes and Boots


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The first step in cleaning suede is to brush it well with  a suede brush.  It cleans out any dirt and dust that collects in the suede and also works to raise the nap which brings out color too.     Then you decide if your item needs to be shampooed or not.

It is always a good idea at the beginning of the season  to waterproof the suede.    It protects from the rain, salt stains  and also food stains.


Why do we need shoe trees?


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If you have made an investment in a pair of leather dress shoes this fall and you want them to last, you will want to make an additional investment in a pair of cedar shoe trees.

Throughout the day your feet are perspiring and the leather and lining of the shoes are absorbing the moisture from your feet. They say that some people up to a coup of moisture a day.   After a while it will affect the shape of the shoe and begin to rot the inside lining. When you take your shoes off at night and insert the shoe trees they bring back the shape of the shoe as it was originally  and they wick away the moisture to keep the lining and the leather healthy.

To protect your investment and to keep your shoes comfortable as well as smelling good go online today at and treat yourself to a new pair of Rochester Cedar Shoe Trees.  The Shoe Shine Kit has in stock   two styles of Men’s shoe trees to choose from.  They come in S, M ,L, XL and the sizing chart is on the order page.

Made in the USA.