One of the most frequently asked questions of The Shoe Shine Kit is “Which is the best shoe polish for my shoes? “

All the shoe polish that we sell at The Shoe Shine Kit is good for your shoes.   They all make your shoes look better and last longer.  The best brand shoe polish for you is the one that will give you the results you are looking for and align with your needs.

The difference in the shoe polish is mainly but not entirely in the texture.  The Lincoln Stain Wax Polish and the Kiwi Brand Paste Polish are similar in consistency.  They both have different waxes in them and a color pigment.  The most notable wax, Carnauba Wax, is also known as palm wax.  It comes from the copernecia  prunifera  palm grown in Brazil.   It is as hard as concrete and nearly insoluble in water and ethanol.  It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and is used in many household products.

The amount of   Carnauba Wax in the paste polishes makes for a brilliant shine and is an especially  good protectant for the leather.  It goes on the shoe with a brush or sponge applicator and after it has setup about 3 minutes or so shined with a horse hair brush to disburse the polish evenly around the leather upper and to begin the shining process and then brought to a mirror shine with a shine cloth.

The Kiwi Brand Shoe Polish is probably the best known shoe polish, developed in Australia and sold domestically around the country and the world.  The Lincoln Stain Wax shoe polish was developed for the US Marines in 1945 in San Francisco.  Hence one of their colors is “Marine Cordovan.”   It is more of an industrial strength products not as refined as the Kiwi and has much deeper stain property to it.   Many of our customers who prefer the Lincoln Stain Wax were exposed to it in the military and will never use anything else.

The cream polishes that we carry are Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish and Tarrago Shoe Cream Polish.  These polishes have Carnauba Wax and other waxes   but also have conditioning agents to soften and condition the leather.  These polishes also offer protection from the elements and a shine but the shine has a more satin finish to it rather than the brilliant shine that you get from the paste wax.

The cream polishes are made in a much more variety of colors to match the wide variety of leather shoes on the market  today  and  the cream is easy to apply and gets in the cracks and crevices of the shoes better.

Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream is now made in the USA   by the Kiwi Company but originally was made in England. It unfortunately has been discontinued but we have replaced Meltonian with the Kelly’s Shoe Cream which come in similar colors and is very close in texture to the Meltonian.    The Tarrago Shoe Cream is made in Spain and you will love the choices in color that they offer and the matching Self-Shine Leather Dye that they make to go with the polishes.  So you can dye the shoes the color that you wish and then keep them looking good with the polish to match.

Tarrago Shoe Cream is also made in a Self- Shine Cream polish that you apply to the shoe and it doesn’t need to be polished with the brush or a cloth.  It has a sponge applicator on the top and comes in a limited selection of colors.  The Black Tarrago Self Shine Polish has been a favorite of the sports world, especially umpires and referees.

We also carry Hoffco Shoe Polish.  This is a liquid shoe polish with Lanolin and Carnauba Wax and has been a favorite for children’s and nurses shoes for a very long time.  It is sold in White, Bone and Vanilla Ice and provides good coverage and is good for the leather.  Hoffco White is great for sneakers and golf shoes,   the Bone is a favorite for the SAS shoe and the Vanilla Ice for some Rockports and those light colored Sperry Top-siders.

In conclusion, the best kind of shoe polish for you  is the polish that fills  your needs.  The main thing is to use it, and use it often. You will get so much more satisfaction from your shoes, they will look good and last longer if they are maintained on a regular basis.  Well- heeled and shined shoes make a very good first impression.    Shining shoes is great experience to share with your children.  We have spoken over the years   to so many people who remember their mom or dad shining their shoes Saturday night before church or Sunday night before school.  It makes for a good memory.

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