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If you have made an investment in a pair of leather dress shoes this fall and you want them to last, you will want to make an additional investment in a pair of cedar shoe trees.

Throughout the day your feet are perspiring and the leather and lining of the shoes are absorbing the moisture from your feet. They say that some people up to a coup of moisture a day.   After a while it will affect the shape of the shoe and begin to rot the inside lining. When you take your shoes off at night and insert the shoe trees they bring back the shape of the shoe as it was originally  and they wick away the moisture to keep the lining and the leather healthy.

To protect your investment and to keep your shoes comfortable as well as smelling good go online today at shoeshinekit.com and treat yourself to a new pair of Rochester Cedar Shoe Trees.  The Shoe Shine Kit has in stock   two styles of Men’s shoe trees to choose from.  They come in S, M ,L, XL and the sizing chart is on the order page.

Made in the USA.