Neutral Shoe Polish

Many people ask “When would you use Neutral Shoe Polish?

We think our Shoe Shine Kit  blog  would be a good place to address this question.

Kelly’s Shoe Cream,  Tarrago Shoe Cream,   Kiwi Shoe Polish and Lincoln Stain Wax all have a Neutral polish.     It is  shoe polish without a color pigment  added.   Neutral can be used on shoes that do not need to have color put back into them or shoes that you  just can’t seem to match the color with a polish, or maybe you just don’t want to buy a polish for every pair of shoes.

The Neutral polish  will bring up and   refresh the color of the leather and also feed, condition and protect the leather from the elements.  You apply it with an applicator as you would any shoe polish and let it set up a couple of minutes to be absorbed into the leather.  Then use your shoe shine brush  beginning the shining process and then  your  Professional  Shine Cloth to finish up.

Another time when Neutral Polish is good is when your shoes or boots have white or light colored stitching that you don’t want to darken change the color of.

As with any product that you apply to leather always test in an inconspicuous area to be sure that you are happy with the results.

Shoe polish should not be used on suede or nubuck  just on a leather that has a finish.